“Human” Polyclinic

“Human” Polyclinic offers complete healthcare services with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostics and approach to treatment at one location.


“Human” Polyclinic

“Human” Polyclinic was found in 2007. Today, it is a leading specialized medical institution for complete biochemical, microbiological and histopathological laboratory diagnostics, general practice and internal medicine.

“Human” Polyclinic is accredited according to the standard ISO 15189. The accreditation ensures that “Human” Polyclinic is competent to provide reliable testing services, trust and safety to our clients who are the reason why we actually exist.

The medical – laboratory equipment of renowned world manufacturers ensures a high precision and accuracy, as well as, correctness of obtained results. The application of a myriad of domestic and European regulations in healthcare and laboratory confirms the above-mentioned fact.

The team of specialists of “Human” Polyclinic together with the medical lab technicians is always available for a complete laboratory diagnostics and examinations and treatment in the fields of general practice, endocrinology, pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology and dietetics.

New polyclinic

“Humano” Polyclinic

“Humano” Polyclinic was found in 2016 as a daughter company of “Human” Polyclinic as a result of the desire of being up-to-date with the contemporary medical trends and applying the newest professional and scientific discoveries in the works.

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“Human” Polyclinic laboratories

Modern laboratory

“Human” Polyclinic provided complete laboratory services to all its patients in its other centres in Vranje, Prokuplje and Aleksinac as well.


“Human Humanum” Laboratory

In 2014, “Human” Polyclinic spreads its business to Vranje by opening a biochemical laboratory “Human Humanum”. The director of the laboratory is Marica Ristić, MSc, who with the rest of the biochemists and the team of technicians earns the trust of the patients more and more each day. By using a state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostics of renowned world manufacturers, “Humanum” laboratory, with the continuing support of “Human” Polyclinic, ensures acquiring accurate and precise results as soon as possible.



“Human Plus” Laboratory

“Human Plus” Laboratory was founded in 2013 in Prokuplje directed by Milica Jovanović, MSc of Pharmacy and Marija Stevanović, a general practitioner. By being up-to-date with the contemporary trends in business, “Human Plus“ Laboratory provides services on state-of-the-art devices and constantly aims at perfection and continuous improvement of business.


“Human Ana” Laboratory

“Human Ana” Laboratory for medical biochemistry was founded in July 2014. The director of the biochemical laboratory is Denis Jovanović, MSc of Pharmacy, who has successfully run the laboratory for several years and made it one of the most successful ones in Aleksinac. With the help of state-of-the-art medical equipment, promptness, accuracy and precision in their work, “Human Ana“ Laboratory, earns the trust of their patients more and more each day.


“Human” Polyclinic

Our Team of Professionals

A highly-educated and professional staff of “Human” Polyclinic is responsible for the high-quality and a wide variety of medical and laboratory services we provide.

Our mission is to gather the professional knowledge, experience and good practice in one place with the aim of providing better healthcare services and professional cooperation.

Team of professionals

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