Accredited laboratory

Accredited laboratory

“Human” Polyclinic proved to operate in accordance with the highest standards

What does an accredited laboratory entail?

Accreditation is an acknowledgement that the laboratory meets the required standards. An accreditation provides assurances – an assurance for patients and physicians that they would receive a precise, accurate and timely result.

In Niš, “Human” Polyclinic has proudly been accredited since 2011, in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology and histopathology.

How does a laboratory get accredited?

The International Standard ISO 15189 defined the requirements that a medical laboratory needs to meet in terms of the system of quality and competence. Whether these requirements have been met is evaluated by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ABS) which is an accredited institution itself by the European co-operation for Accreditation.

If it is determined that a laboratory establishes and operates in accordance with the standard requirements and if it proves its competence for testing methods in front of a team of experts assigned by the Accreditation Body, it gets the status of an accredited laboratory, that is, it gets a certificate which states that it meets the standard requirements and that it is competent for testing in the corresponding field of testing. During the accreditation process, the Accreditation Body conducts regular, yearly supervision with the aim of inspecting whether the laboratory operates according to the requirements of the reference standard and its procedures, as well as whether it maintains its competence.

The Accreditation Body of Serbia inspected the manner of operating of all three laboratories (biochemical, microbiological and histopathological) in “Human” Polyclinic in June. The team of assessors inspected the management system, methods and processes of sample analysis in the laboratories and the employees in the polyclinic showed complete dedication and high-quality work during the third regular assessment and proved again why the laboratory is one of the best that operates for seven years according to the highest world standards.

What does it mean to operate according to the standard requirements?

This means that the laboratory has defined and documented its system of quality, that it has defined and executes all processes that are a part of the system and that it manages such processes. Working in an accredited laboratory does not include just taking samples, testing and reporting, but also it encompasses an entire series of processes which are managed and which aim to provide assurances to the patients and doctors that the testing results are high-quality.

“Human” Polyclinic operates according to a strict management quality which includes all work processes, as well as, a complete testing process.

What are the characteristics of an accredited laboratory?

The Accreditation Body grants a symbol of accreditation to those laboratories that get accredited and they use it in their reports and certificates.

How to choose an accredited lab that satisfies your needs?

There is a simple way to check whether a laboratory operates reliably, competently and in accordance with the standard requirements – checking its name in the Directory of Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies.

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