Breast core biopsy – core needle biopsy

Breast core biopsy – A non-invasive breast tissue biopsy

Breasts are a symbol of women identity, motherhood and beauty. However, breasts are the most common cancer location in women. The earlier stage the cancer is discovered, the higher the chances are that it could be cured. The chief diagnostic methods for early breast cancer detection are the breast self-examination, specialist examination, ultrasound examination and the ultimate diagnosis is confirmed with a core biopsy of the change.

What is a core biopsy?

If specialists diagnose an abnormal change in the breast tissue, a core biopsy is performed, more precisely, a core needle biopsy. Core biopsy is one of the most important diagnostic methods which includes sampling of a tissue from the lumps in the breast and of the abnormal area of the breast tissue. The goal of the core biopsy is to determine whether the change is a benign or a malignant one and is considered a “golden standard” of reaching a multidisciplinary treatment decision.

The core biopsy procedure

The core biopsy is performed by a special method which is completely painless since the procedure is done under a local anesthesia. The part of the breast tissue sample is taken by a special needle which is controlled by an ultrasound and thus leads to the pathological change. A tissue sample taken in such a precise way is then sent to a histopathological testing which establishes a definitive diagnosis.

Why is core biopsy better than a traditional biopsy?

  • The procedure is less invasive in comparison to the open surgical, it is shorter and does not leave scars
  • The patient can go back to his/her everyday activities, there is no need for resting period
  • The ultrasound does not use radiation, therefore, there is no harmful exposure
  • A core biopsy controlled by an ultrasound ensures that there is enough material for the analysis that separate the benign from the malignant changes in the breasts
  • The ultrasound can track the movement of the needle inside the breast tissue

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