Breast ultrasound scanner

What is a 3D BREAST ULTRASOUND SCANNER and what are its advantages in comparison to OTHER DIAGNOSTIC methods?

A 3D automated ultrasound scanner uses mechanical, ultrasound waves which are perfectly safe for the breast tissue. The 3D ultrasound breast screening (ABUS method), unlike other methods such as mammography, does not include the ionizing and harmful radiation.

Due to having a 3D ultrasound probe with elastography, the machine detects changes of only a few millimeters which could not otherwise be observed by mammography or by traditional ultrasound scanning. In Serbia, you can make an appointment on a such sophisticated and precise machine only in “Humano” Polyclinic in Niš, which was the first on the territory of the Balkan peninsula to provide high-quality healthcare services.

The ABUS method provides an excellent image of the complete breast architecture from the skin surface to the surface wall of the chest. ABUS testing is completely painless and is perfectly safe for young women, pregnant women and children. Younger women have denser breast tissue, the gland tissue is more expressed, which can cause that some dangerous changes are not detected via traditional ultrasound machines. Hence, leading experts in the field of radiology and oncology recommend breast screening on the 3D ultrasound scanner.

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