“Early-stage breast cancer“ symposium

“Early-stage breast cancer“ symposium

“Human“ Polyclinic a part of the organization of an accredited symposium named “Early-stage breast cancer“

Last weekend at the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, a symposium on the topic of “Early-stage breast cancer“ was successfully realized, with the participation of eminent and expert lecturers in the field of breast cancer radiology diagnosing and treatment, surgery and medical oncology.
Besides the UHMC “Bežanijska kosa” from Belgrade, the “Human” Polyclinic from Niš, being the official sponsor, was one of the organizers of this educational conference, as well as the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, the Serbian Oncological Association, the Clinic for General Surgery Niš and the Serbian Senologic Society.

More than 700 participants applied, whereas there were more than 300 people in the audience. Physicians from all around Serbia attended the symposium which indicates the importance of organizing a conference of such a high-rank in places other than the capital. Owing to the origanizers, the registration fee was free which only boosted the attendance. The topic that attracted such a large number of physicians from around the contry was the early-stage breast cancer – modern approaches in diagostics and treatmetn, and it consisted of a series of high-quality and modern lectures by the prominent experts in the field.

A conference of this type is very important for the entire country, especially for the southern region of Serbia, that is, Niš and other towns, since the principles and methods of treatment are less developed than than they are in Belgrade.
One of the lecturers was prim. dr. Biljana Đokić, a radiologist, who presented the ABUS method of detecting minimum changes of breast tissue to her colleagues. It is a state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound breast scanner.

Nowadays, ABUS is the most precise method which with no harmful radiation detects minimum tissue changes, from the skin surface to the chest. The method is completely painless and replaces all other traditional devices. An appoitment on this device is possible only in “Human“ Polyclinic in Niš.
They say in the “Human“ Polyclinic that the last couple of years witnessed an improvement in early detecting breast cancer, which led to a higher number of newly-discovered tumors of small dimensions and non-palpable lesions in the breasts. Also, there are significant differences in the level of educability and the possibility to implement state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures between the specialized centers and general medical institutions.
This is the reason why one of the main aims of this conference was to promote the importance of the fact that the physicians of primaru and secunday level of healthcare need to be well-informed and well-educated, and all with the goal to raise the work quality of as many as possible medical workers that deal with this illness.

The members of the organizing committee are numerous physicians from Niš, Belgrade and one German clinic, whereas the members of the honorary committee are high-ranking officials from medical institutions, as well as the representatives of city government.

The media recognized the importance of this confrence as well, therefore, besides the local media, the crew of Radio Television of Serbia was present and Dragana Sotirovski covered the conference by a live broadcast.

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