“Human” Polyclinic physical examinations

“Human” Polyclinic physical examinations

Physical examinations

Maintaining your perfect health begins with going to regular examinations once a year, whose purpose is to identify potential risk factors that lead to chronic diseases and to treat them successfully and on time.

The scope of the physical examination depends on the employee structure (age, gender), working conditions and the needs of the employees themselves. The staff of “Human” Polyclinic schedules physical examinations at an appropriate time and without wasting it unnecessarily.

In order to save time by not spending several hours in the polyclinic and at the same time perform a high-quality examination, we provide the possibility of field service sampling to all our clients on the company premises.

Perform an examination in a personalized method, with an eminent team of physicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in one place, quickly and without waiting.

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