Immunohistochemistry examinations

Immunohistochemistry examinations

Immunohistochemistry – The most precise diagnosis of tumors

What is immunohistochemistry?

Immunohistochemistry is a method in laboratory diagnostics, a part of the histopathology laboratory, which enables a precise diagnosing of tumors. Immunohistochemistry testing is a necessary step when administering a desired treatment, that is, the goal is to choose a method of treatment for every cancer patient that he/she benefits most from. These analyses are used to determine the specific type of tumor in cases when routine methods do not provide conclusive results.

When is an immunohistochemistry test performed?

Immunohistochemistry tests are optional, however, in fields such as hematopathology, a diagnosis will not be confirmed without immunohistochemistry results. These tests are repeated even after the administered treatment so as to see its effectiveness – that is, to see whether there are any tumor cells left.

How is immunohistochemistry performed?

The machines that are used for immunohistochemistry tests offer a quick, efficient and reliable, quality tests and results. “Human” Polyclinic can proudly say that it is the only private medical practice in Serbia that performs completely automated immunohistochemistry tests on a VENTANA immunostainer, with compatible reagents which according to NordiQC have an excellent performance in comparison to other monoclonal antibodies. Patients can do the necessary tests at “Human” Polyclinic without waiting and with the most precise methods, whereby they do not waste precious time of the beginning of the treatment.

Is it possible to get reimbursement for an immunohistochemistry test from the Health Insurance Fund?

Yes, it is possible if the waiting period in a public clinic or hospital is more than 30 days. The Health Insurance Fund will provide reimbursement for certain immunohistochemistry tests if you have a document from the public clinic and a receipt from the “Human” Polyclinic.

Nowadays, immunohistochemistry is a perfectly normal and common routine and necessary method in histopathology. Without immunohistochemistry there is no precise disease diagnosis in most of the medicine disciplines.

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