Our Team of Professionals

A highly-educated and professional staff of “Human” Polyclinic is responsible for the high-quality and a wide variety services we provide.

“Human” Polyclinic

Olivera Sinđelić


She is the founder of “Humano” Center for the Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer and also a member of the Council for Health of the city of Niš. She likes travelling and humanitarian work.

Vladimir Sinđelić


He defines the marketing strategy and the course of the Polyclinic, makes sure the Polyclinic is up-to-date with the world trends in the field of medicine so that it can be able to provide a unique experience in the region. He advocates a healthy lifestyle and likes Vespas.

Nina Cvetković

assistant director

The team of “Human” Polyclinic received a new assistant director in 2017. She manages the work organization of the employees, marketing and promotion of the clinic. She prepares her doctoral dissertation at the Department of Organic Chemistry, likes dogs, and is committed to her family and friends.

Anđelija Nikolić


She earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and is enrolled in Master studies at the Faculty of Economics in Niš. She enjoys travelling, loves foreign languages and knowing different cultures.

Aleksandra Đorđević


Dr Irena Mitić

specialist of microbiology with parasitology

She founded the dietetics department “Human Fit” and is a delegate in the Assembly of the Regional Medical Chamber of South-eastern Serbia and a member of the Solidarity Fund. She is married, a mother of two and loves the theatre, music and dancing.

Dr Danijel Đorđević

general practitioner

Dr Dragana Bogdanović

general practitioner

She finished her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway and now specializes immunology at the Clinical Centre of Niš. She was a professional volleyball player before, and now, she is married and a mother of Tara and Tadija.


Dr Petar Stojković

general practitioner

He specializes gynecology and obstetrics at the Clinical Centre of Niš. Also, he participated in numerous student exchanges across the Europe. As an author and coauthor of many published papers, he actively researches the topic of infertility. In his free time, he plays the piano and does sports.

Dr Vesna Dinić Arsić

general practitioner

She specializes clinical biochemistry at the Clinical Centre of Niš, however, she became a member of the team as a part of the “Human Fit“dietetics department. She is married and a mother of Jefimija and Damjan.

Mr Aleksandra Krstić

medical biochemist

She is the director of the laboratory for biochemical testing. She is committed to her family and is a mother of a beautiful boy named Lazar.

Mr Anica Serafimović

medical biochemist

Apart from having the opportunity to do what she loves, she thinks that, in “Human” Polyclinic, she is surrounded by professional and responsible colleagues, but above all, good people.

Mr Milica Jovanović

medical biochemist

She is the director of the “Human Plus” Laboratory in Prokuplje. In her free time, she likes to spend time in nature. She is fond of her friends and family.


Mr Jelena Mladenović

medical biochemist


Marija Jovanović

biochemistry lab technician

Being a graduated pedagogist, she grew to love medicine as a part of the team in “Human” Polyclinic in 2010. She is happily married and a mother of Pavle and Vidak.

Jelena Ðorđević Jović

biochemistry lab technician

She selflessly shares the long experience gained as a biochemistry lab technician with her new and young colleagues. She is interested in psychology, sports and healthy lifestyle.

Tina Svilar

biochemistry lab technician

Upon graduation, she showed interest and devotion in her volunteering which is why she became a part of the “Human” Polyclinic team. She loves domestic cinema and theatre.

Katarina Dinić

biochemistry lab technician

As part of the team, she works on sampling, acceptance and screening of primary samples in the field of biochemistry, hematology and immunochemistry. She spends her free time with her friends and family.

Marijana Milenović

biochemistry lab technician

She is a part of the “Human” Polyclinic biochemistry and histopathology laboratory since 2013. She is a mother of twins, Nikolina and Natalija.

Bojana Milanović

biochemistry lab technician

She joined the biochemistry laboratory team in 2017 and has since then been especially committed to the youngest patients, working on sampling and as part of the field service. She enjoys cooking.

Tijana Jovanović

biochemistry lab technician

She is responsible for works in the histopathological laboratory. She loves team work, does fitness, loves dogs and believes they are her best friends.

Jovana Vidojević

histopathology lab technician

She began her working experience in “Human” Polyclinic in 2008 in the laboratory for pathological testing. Usually, she is engaged in the biochemistry as well. She reads books and write poetry in her free time.

Aleksandar Petrović

lab technician

Katarina Sretić

bachelor of science of biology with concentration in microbiology laboratory

Having a BS in Biology, she became an analyst in the microbiological laboratory in 2016. She plans to go to specialized academic studies at the Faculty of Biology. In her spare time, she goes to aerobic, travels and socialize with her friends,

Aleksandra Stojanović

histopathology labora technician

She grew fond of medicine as a volunteer at the Department of Physical medicine. Her job in the polyclinic is within the histopathological laboratory. She loves theater.

Milena Ðorđević

microbiology lab technician

Her career started at the “Human Fit” polyclinic in the fields of treating obesity, starvation and eating disorders. A year later, she joined the microbiology laboratory team of “Human” Polyclinic. She loves traveling, staying in nature and reading books.

Danijel Damjanović

microbiology lab technician

He has a Law degree, but he became interested in microbiology in the “Human” Polyclinic in 2014. He is friendly and athletic, and a father of a beautiful girl named Nikodina.

Nenad Petrović

microbiology lab technician

He commits to the work in the microbiology laboratory, however, he is engaged at the information desk and the field service. He actively plays sports, loves foreign languages and Spanish music.

Biljana Radulović

information desk

Her smile and a pleasant reception of patients is the trademark of the reception desk of “Human” Polyclinic. She spends her spare time reading law books.

Jelena Mirčić

information desk

She started working at the “Human” Polyclinic in 2013 at the positions of receiving patients and being in charge of administration works. Her communicativeness, responsibility and team work make her special in the polyclinic team. She spends her spare time with her family, friends and creative hobbies.

Vladan Arsić

field service

He is a part of the biochemistry laboratory and the polyclinic field service, He loves fishing and is an amateur player of table tennis and pool.

Dragana Vidojević

information desk

She is cheerful, communicative and friendly and works at the position of receiving patients. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and became a part of the “Human” team in the middle of 2018 with the goal of providing help and support to people. She spends her spare time reading and listening to music.

Milan Pavlović

field service

He is responsible for the safety and punctuality of the services of the field service which are performed every day through the city traffic. He sees himself a s a communicative, open person who is ready for cooperation. He loves sports and is an amateur football player.

Nikola Stanković

microbiology laboratory consultant

He works as a consultant at the microbiology laboratory in “Human” Polyclinic and is an assistant in the field of experimental biology and biotechnology at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics. He dwells in recreational sports.

Petra Milošević

lab technician

Mihajlo Mitić

lab technician

Anđela Grubač

lab technician

“Humano” Polyclinic

Ana Đorđević

medical technician

She has loved medicine since she was a little girl and enjoys providing help to others. She spends time in nature and is fulfilled by her friends and family.

Anita Čolović

medical technician

She feels enormous love and devotion towards medicine, therefore, she loves working in healthcare and is ready to learn and new challenges. She spends her spare time in nature and with her two children.

Marijana Đorđević

medical technician

Her work as a nurse in healthcare started when “Humano” Polyclinic was founded. In her free time, she likes to read and enjoy nature with her dog.

Stefana Stefanović

lab technician

She is a student at the Medical College in Niš. Her first job as a nurse was at the “Humano” Polyclininc. She likes going out, socializing and meeting new people.

Milica Mišić

medical technician

Emilija Popović

medical technician

Petra Milovanović

medical technician

Marija Anđelković

medical technician

“HumanPro Prokluplje” Polyclinic

Irena Krstić


Dr Emilija Nikolić


Dr Vukoje Maričić

otorhinolaryngology specialist

Dr Dušanka Branković

internal medicine specialist

Dr Vesna Cvetković

pediatric endocrinologist

Jelena Jakovljević

medical technician

Miljana Ađančić Radulović

medical technician