Participation of “Human” Polyclinic in world clinical trials

Clinical trials are investigations which are conducted on people with the aim of determining the clinical efficienct of a drug, identifying side-effects, that is, determining its effectiveness and safety. The strict regulatory requirements for approving and condcucting clinical trials are in our country are at an equally high level of control as the most developed countries of the world. During a clinical trial, it is necessary to monitor the health of a patient which usually implies a laboratory testing of certain parameters too.

“Human“ Polyclinic meets all of the strict requirements and standards that are necessary in order to support clinical trials. The accredited laboratories for biochemical, micrological and histopathological testing ensure a reliable and quick analysis of biological material. “Human“ Polyclinic is a local reference laboratory that monitors participants of 6 clinical trials. We are proud to have a continuing experience since the first investigations of this type were done in 2014.