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Global Digital Clinic (GDC) was founded with the aim to create accessible, affordable and more efficient health care for everyone.

The founders of GDC believe that good health care and nursing is not a privilege, but the right of every individual. By creating a range of platforms and applications GDC provides patients with faster, easier and more efficient access to doctors of all specialties whenever and wherever they need them.

Currently, there are two available GDC platforms:

The first one is a platform for VIDEO CONSULTATIONS (with the possibility of keeping patient’s health record) that allows users to communicate with the doctor/pharmacist/psychologist/psychiatrist they choose from home when it best suits them.

The second one is the app for DOCTOR HOME VISITS (GDC Visit Me), in which users immediately call the nearest available doctor and/or nurse for a home visit.

GDC doctor database

GDC brings together hundreds of medical professionals in one place: doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and pharmacists. GDC provides its services through cooperation with strategic partner clinics such as Human, Dermisa, Reuma Medica, Psiho Center, Audio BM, Naissa, OnkoAS, Fizio Medica and others. In this way and through the mentioned strategic partnerships, GDC offers its registered users easy and efficient access to the largest database of top experts from all fields of medicine in Serbia.

Video consultations

The platform for video consultations allows users to reach top specialists in just 3 clicks.

Digital communication, including video calls, has become part of our daily lives and it is an efficient and easy way to communicate. Now, GDC offers a unique opportunity for each user to call and contact a doctor or other medical specialist of their choice, to consult with him/her from the comfort of their own home. The duration of the consultation is limited to 30 minutes while the consultation with a psychiatrist or a psychologist lasts up to 60 minutes.

The GDC network of medical specialists is available to users in just 3 clicks from the comfort of their own home, without waiting and without going to the clinic. The user of GDC services should simply register on the site and this is available to absolutely everyone.

When the user registers, s/he needs to find the doctor s/he needs and call immediately for a video consultation (if a doctor is available at that time) or schedule a video consultation for the day and hour that suits him or her best.

Registered users can see a list of all doctors who are currently available for video consultations or if they are not currently available they can see their calendar and schedule a consultation at the time when the chosen doctor is available. After the consultation, the user’s bank account will be charged for the amount specified for the consultation with the chosen doctor. After the consultation, the specialist’s report arrives by e-mail as well as a recommendation for further steps if necessary.

Home visits

Home visits are easy to schedule via the GDC Visit Me app just by choosing the nearest available medical specialist and/or nurse. The user who schedules the visit can schedule it for him/herself or any member of their immediate or extended family. All the user needs is to download the app, register, find the doctor and/or nurse s/he needs and call them immediately for a home visit. After examination, the specialist’s report arrives by e-mail as well as a recommendation for further steps if necessary.

Doctors, nurses, other medical specialists or entire teams are available to our users 24/7.

The mobile application for home visits – GDC Visit Me – can be downloaded on Google Play and in App store-u. The application allows you to reach the desired doctor or nurse or another medical specialist in just 3 clicks, at a price that is only 15% higher than the price of an examination at the clinic. It is currently available only in the city of Niš, and it will soon be available throughout Serbia. Once the user has created their account, they are given access to the database of available doctors and/or nurses and other medical specialists at any time.

Systematic health assessment in companies

In addition to these services, GDC has created a new concept of conducting systematic health assessments for companies. The GDC mobile team will create a small walk-in clinic on the company’s premises, which will enable faster and more efficient examination. This way, employees will finish a complete systematic health assessment within 2 hours instead of a full day’s absence from work.

PROMO DISCOUNT – All users who register in August and September will receive 10% discount on their first GDC service, which they can use until the end of October.
By creating a range of platforms and applications, we strive to provide faster, easier and more efficient access to all medical professionals whenever and wherever patients need them.