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Within its 9 health institutions, the Human Polyclinic employs about 90 people who are in permanent employment positions, as well as over 100 associate doctors of all specialties.

Professional staff

Polyclinic Human pays due attention to the selection of professional staff. Highly educated and professional staff is responsible for the top quality and wide range of medical and laboratory services we provide.

Our mission is to gather profession, knowledge, experience and good practice in one place, in order to provide the best possible health services and professional cooperation.


Accreditation involves procedures and strictly controlled parameters for conducting laboratory diagnostics.

The system arranged in this way is based on the inviolable postulates that we as an institution adhere to, in order to provide patients with excellent quality of service and credibility of the obtained laboratory reports. Continuous investment.


Medical – laboratory equipment from renowned world manufacturers enables high precision and accuracy in work, as well as the correctness of the obtained results, which we are especially proud of.

We also achieve the quality of service by applying many state and European regulations in healthcare and laboratories. This makes us the leading private medical institution in this part of Serbia.


Global Digital Clinic:

  • The first virtual clinic in the region
  • Access to doctors of all specialties 24/7
  • All medical services and information in one place

The GDC platform enables:

video call now

scheduling an examination in the medical office or

scheduling a home visit

Breast Disease Center

ABVS ultrasound breast scanner

The most accurate diagnostic device: The examination is performed on a sophisticated Siemens ACUSON S2000 ABVS Ultrasound System. Ultrasound breast scan with a 3D automatic ultrasound scanner, unlike mammography, DOES NOT HAVE THE RISK OF IONIZING RADIATION.

We are creating a healthier world

Global digital clinic

We believe that everyone has the right to efficient and affordable health care. This is achievable through establishing rapport between patients and doctors who follow up their patients and understand their problems.

Home visits

Doctor’s examinations at home

A team of experts from the Human Polyclinic is at your disposal for examinations and sampling at home. Contact with doctors and technicians of the Human Polyclinic is completely safe, because all world recommendations are fully followed. Vehicles and equipment are disinfected before and after the visit.


Examination is being performed on the most modern medical equipment

The examination is performed with the help of a flexible optical instrument (endoscope) which enables the examination of the large intestine and part of the small intestine. By blowing air, the folds of the digestive organs are lost, so that diseased (pathological) changes can be better noticed.


Gastroscopy with the latest generation device

Modern examination of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, in analgesia. Gastroscopy is a short and painless examination for the patient. The device is in the shape of a small intestine that has a lamp on top and is placed through the oral cavity.

Medical examinations

Offer measured by the needs of patients

The key to health well-being lies in prevention. The medical team of the Humano polyclinic and the Human Med institute recommend performing wholesome medical examinations once a year, which are measured by the needs of patients.

Our services

What medical
services do we offer?

Human Polyclinic provides a complete health service in one place, accompanied by the latest diagnostics and treatment approach.

Opšta praksa

Osim što se bavi dijagnostikom, terapijom bolesti i stanja, izuzetno važna uloga lekara opšte prakse je i sprovođenje preventivnih programa kojima sprečava da do bolesti dođe.

Laboratorijska dijagnostika

Naše laboratorije raspolažu savremenom opremom i vrhunskim stručnim kadrom, što garantuje preciznost i pouzdanost rezultata.


Radiologija je medicinska specijalnost koja uključuje sve načine medicinskog slikanja kojima se dobijaju informacije o anatomiji, patologiji, histopatologiji i funkciji bolesnih stanja.

Interna medicina

Osnova kliničke medicine koja bavi dijagnostikom, prevencijom i lečenjem bolesti unutrašnjih organa. Vrhunski tim stručnjaka svih oblasti interne medicine, individualni pristup pacijentima, savetovanje i edukacija.


Hirurgija u okviru poliklinike Humano se bavi rekonstrukcijom urođenih i stečenih defekata na telu poput rana, opekotina, cisti, apscesa, benignih i malignih tumora, kongenitalnih anomalija itd.


Pravovremeno postavljanje dijagnoza i početak lečenja bolesti, ne samo da mogu unaprediti zdravlje i poboljšati kvalitet života pacijenta, već mogu sprečiti nastanak i lečiti hronični ili najteži oblik bolesti poput karcinoma.

Senada Pavlović, MD, PhD

Our medical TEAM

Communication in medicine is considered a basic doctor skill on the way to successful diagnosis and treatment, as well as establishing an adequate relationship with the patient.
Good communication skills, patience and sensitivity to the patient’s problems are necessary to build mutual trust.

imunolog dragana bogdanović

Immunology specialist

Dragana Bogdanović MD

She completed her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Norway. Immunology specialist. An outstanding medical expert in the field of supplementation, celiac disease, food allergies and inhalation allergies. Part of the Human Polyclinic medical team since 2012.


Ophthalmology specialist

Milena Đukić MD

She deals with the treatment of congenital and acquired eye diseases, as well as the assessment of vision for the assessment of working ability.
Member of several medical associations.

specijalista medicine rada

Occupational health specialist

Mirko Čukalović MD

Decades of experience in the field of occupational medicine. He is committed to the prevention of conditions and diseases caused by environmental and working factors.

internista ivan stoičkov
Ivan Stoičkov

General practitioner

Ivan Stoičkov MD

Specialist in internal medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis. Narrow field of interest: prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Part of the our medical Center for Dietetics team.

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    Human can boast of many years of experience in cooperation with many insurance companies whose policyholders can very simply, quickly and easily use the services of the clinic.

    The services are adjusted to the budget and needs of the clients, and in cooperation with almost all insurance companies, the insured can use all available services under special conditions.




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