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Human Polyclinic, Humano Polyclinic and Occupational Health Institute Human Med
Leading medical center in the south of Serbia

HUMAN Polyclinic Services

Human Polyclinic aims mainly with laboratory diagnostics. Examinations in the field of internal medicine and general practice are also available.

An ally of quality diagnosis


Thanks to laboratory analyses and on the basis of additional specialist examinations, doctor can make a correct diagnosis or remove the suspicion of the existence of disease.
Laboratory diagnostics is also important for monitoring the course of disease, prognosis of disease, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of applied therapy.

interna medicina

Recognized experts

Internal medicine

Endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, hematology, gastroenterology


Diet and physical activity planning

Center for Dietetics

In the age of the internet, there are many diets available that unfortunately do more harm than good to our health. The only safe way to reduce body weight is one managed by professionals in specialized centers, such as the Human Polyclinic.


Diagnostic endoscopy


Endoscopic diagnostics is one of the simplest, minimally invasive methods that doctors use, in addition to diagnostic methods such as ultrasound, X-ray, scanner or magnetic resonance imaging, when they cannot give a complete insight into the condition of internal organs.

Available to your company and your employees

HUMANO Polyclinic Services

Although very young, Humano polyclinic became the leading specialized medical institution in the fields such as radiology, surgery and urology, in a very short time.

kabinet za bojesti dojke

3D ultrasound breast scanner

Breast Disease Medical Center

Part of the prevention carried out by the Human Polyclinic refers to regular ultrasound breasts and axils (axillary pits) examinations.
Examinations available at the Humano Polyclinic are:

  • ultrasound
  • color doppler
  • ultrasound scanner – ABVS


Prevetion and diagnostics


Urogenital tract diseases which are under the jurisdiction of a urologist are infections of the urinary tract, kidneys, kidney stones and urinary tract calculi, as well as inflammations and other prostate diseases in men. These problems are often a cause of a malignant disease.


Humano polyclinic services in the field of surgery


Surgery within Humano Polyclinic deals with the reconstruction of congenital and acquired defects on the body such as wounds, burns, cysts, abscesses, scars, benign and malignant tumors, moles, hypodermal tumor (e.g. atheroma, lipoma), head and neck tumors, congenital anomalies etc. These procedures are performed with the aim of correcting the functional deficiencies but also improving patient’s quality of life.

Ultrasound and color Doppler diagnostics


Radiology is a medical specialty that uses all methods of medical imaging to acquire information about the anatomy, pathology, histopathology and the function of painful conditions. Radiology primarily deals with identifying diseases and injuries, i.e. diagnostics. Its application in treatment is limited to treating mainly malignant diseases, but also cardiovascular and other disorders.

Modern and reliable diagnostics

Occupational health institute Human Med

Human Med je specijalizovana zdravstvena ustanova za izdavanje svih vrsta lekarskih uverenja, kao i za realizaciju svih vrsta sistematskih pregleda bilo individualnih ili grupnih.

medicina rada

All in one place

Medical certificates and first aid training

Medical certificates are available for the following purposes:


Prevention and diagnosis


The ophthalmology cabinet of Human Med Institute is equipped with completely NEW, up-to-date devices for prevention and diagnosis of eye diseases.

psihologija i psihijatrija

Mental hygiene

Psychiatry and psychology

Everyday stress, existential crisis, statistics in the media, are just some of sources of increasingly present anxiety and potential depression. Mental hygiene should be like brushing your teeth, it means that it must be maintained.


The skin you live in


The growing trend of skin care leads us to a significant awareness of skin disease prevention. Annual checkups with dermatologist can save lives.

How do we achieve everything?

Trust the process

Patients and human resources are the key factor of this business, who company treats with respect, satisfying their requirements and needs, which later adequately incorporates into its business.

What drives us?

Patient care

Communication in medicine is considered a basic skill of every doctor on the way to successful diagnosis and treatment, and establishing an adequate relationship with the patient.

Always there for patients

Doctor’s advice

Good communication skills, patience and sensitivity to the patient’s problems are necessary to build mutual trust.

No1 professional team

Medical services available 7 days a week

The Human Polyclinic is available to patients 7 days a week. Opening hours of other centers are accessible in “Contact” page.

Good practice means good health care

Medicine in numbers

We base our business on the principles of transparency, accessibility, high quality and a wide range of services provided.


Patients not only gained trust, but also affection for the Human Polyclinic and business units. From the beginning of 2021 until today, our polyclinic has more than 100,000 examinations.


Out moral obligation is the need of patients who, among all, due to the pandemic, did not have the opportunity to pursue regular, control and emergency examinations in the state medical institutions. Every patient has the right to health care, which we provide for them.


Satisfied employees are a key link in the business success of any company.
They are a mirror of the company, so we often like to use the term “first impression directors”


All our business results are a logical consequence of our enthusiasm, dedicated and Humane work.

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